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It’s All About the Song.

MyPart serves creators, owners and representatives of songs and recordings, as well as anyone looking for songs to cut or license, through AI-powered song matching.



Our platform facilitates unprecedented opportunities for songs and recordings to be matched with creative and commercial needs:

  • Find hidden gems within your own catalog

  • Make your songs and recordings available to industry executives on the lookout

  • Search through our premium alternative to music libraries to pinpoint the perfect song for your creative project

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Do you create, own or represent songs or recordings, that would be perfect for major label artists, ads, movies or TV shows?

Your song deserves a shot.

Read more about SongSource here.

I Have a Song



Are you looking for a song for your artist, or a recording for TV/Film or an ad? Search through your in-house catalog, or some of the most extensive, high profile catalogs on the market, using reference songs and tags.

Read more about Songmine here.

I Need a Song


The Process


  1. Upload your songs to MyPart.
    Pay a monthly subscription fee, depending on the size of the catalog.

  2. You’ll be notified when someone listens to or is interested in one of your songs. 

  3. If there’s a match, you negotiate the terms with whomever is interested in your song or recording.


  1. Choose which catalog(s) you want to search through and dig in!

  2. Keep and skip songs, share what you’ve found with your team.

  3. Once you find the right song or recording, reach out to the creator/catalog-owner to negotiate your deal, just like you would today.

How does it work?

MyPart's AI engine conducts unparalleled analysis of lyrical, compositional and sonic relevance based on a wide technology stack that combines machine learning, computational linguistics and digital signal processing. This award-winning technology got MyPart into both of Universal Music's innovation arms: Abbey Road RED in London and Capitol Records' gBeta in LA, won the MassChallenge gold award, Music Week's 2021 Tech Summit and the recent Future of AI 2022 competition.


“MyPart has taken a giant leap into automatic song comprehension. The team has developed a unique machine-learning powered ability to extract deep aesthetic and semantic insights from song lyrics and compositions, and productized it into the most valuable song search product available today.”


Tristan Jehan

Former Director of Research @ Spotify
MIT PhD and the Founder/CTO of The Echo Nest 

—  Name, Title

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