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About MyPart

MyPart is on a mission to redefine how you discover and experience music.


Our team has harnessed the power of AI to create the most advanced song search products in the market.


A Tailored Experience 

Personalization is at the core of everything we do. Whether we’re empowering music executives to land the perfect song for their creative projects or facilitating a more customized discovery experience for music fans, we are committed to delivering highly tailored recommendations for each unique audience.


Song-Based Recommendations

Unlike other platforms that focus solely on sound or trend-based recommendations, our AI sets itself apart by analyzing lyrical themes, narrative, and writing style differentiators. We believe overlooking these aspects means missing out on the complete musical experience.

Until now, our technology was exclusively available to industry professionals. Music executives at record labels, publishing houses, TV, film, and advertising agencies leveraged MyPart’s platform, Songmine™, to discover perfect songs for their projects. Now, with the launch of our latest venture, Songhunt, we're putting this powerful AI tool in the hands of music lovers everywhere

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