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Brand Use Case


We were tasked to build a playlist for the grand local opening of a well-known toy store. The age demographic is 6-12, and the songs should be poppy, happy, playful, and kid-friendly.

Reference Songs:

"Can’t Stop the Feeling" - Justin Timberlake

"Everything is Awesome!" from the Lego Movie Soundtrack

Filters/Tags Used:

  • Lyrical Mood: happy, fun, optimistic, empowering

  • Lyrical Theme: family, colorful, friendship

  • Production Mood: Happy/Positive/Optimistic, relaxed, cheerful/sweet/pleasant, fun

  • Production Genre: Pop

  • Production Influence: Teen Pop

  • Lyrical Register: exclude profanities

  • Melodies: repetitive vocal hook


  • Listen to the playlist here

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