MyPart for Music Publishers
Finally, game changing tech for music publishing executives
MyPart immediately boosts synch, A&R and licensing utilization of your catalog and songwriters. It instantly enhances your revenue generation through tailored matches for A&R, synch and licensing results from your entire copyright base, by making your day to day job far more effective.
It’s the next-generation of song search and matching platform, based on state-of-the-art “Song Mining” techniques capable of deeply comprehending lyrics and music, serving as an extension of your ears and talent.
MyPart helps music and creative executives deal with the avalanche of solicited and unsolicited material coming their way with a state-of-the-art song search and matching platform.
How does it work?
At MyPart, we built an artificial intelligence that literally discerns the deepest parts of a song, putting an end to struggling with metadata and manual tagging to find the gems you need. You define a musical benchmark of one or more reference songs and receive a prioritized view of your catalog through the lens of being deeply relevant to your reference songs.
MyPart's Suite Currently includes three main products: