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Get your catalog in front of amazing Music Supervisors and Ad Agencies

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Jonathan McHugh


Producer, director and senior music supervisor, secretary of the music supervision guild.

Neil Portnow


Former president of the Recording Academy & Grammys

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Andy Ross


Acclaimed, Grammy winning senior executive and creative producer, Music supervisor. Andy has worked across a variety of platforms and achieved senior leadership roles at Cutting Edge Group and Courtyard Music.

Andrea Torchia


As Senior Creative Director of Zomba Music Publishing, she placed songs, connected writers and artists, and facilitated a roster with Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Macy Gray, and Justin Timberlake. 



An American global advertising agency network, with offices in 120 countries.



Modern and independent record and publishing group for forward thinking and entrepreneurial artists and songwriters. 

Harvey Mason Media


Harvey Mason Media specializes in music production along with composing and scoring for  feature films and television.

Atlantic Records


Over 60 years of recorded music history from Aretha Franklin & Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars & Ed Sheeran.

Seeker Music


Boutique service music company founded and led by Grammy winning songwriter MyPart partner Evan Bogart.

Def Jam


An American multinational record label owned by UMG. Based in Manhattan, NYC, specializing in hip hop, contemporary R&B, soul and pop. 

Premier Music


An award-winning music intelligence and supervision agency. Creating pioneering music strategy, supervision, and composition for advertising, advertising, film, television, and podcasts. 


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