MyPart for Music Publishers
Finally, a game changing technology for music publishing executives
MyPart helps you deal with the avalanche of solicited and unsolicited material coming your way with a state-of-the-art Song Search platform. We've developed an artificial intelligence that literally discerns the deepest parts of a song, putting an end to struggling with metadata and manual tagging to find the gems you need.

How does it work? You define a musical benchmark (of reference songs) and MyPart serves as an extension of your ears, prioritizing any amount of incoming submissions by likelihood of relevance to your benchmark.
Two common scenarios supported:
  • A producer/artist is looking for a specific kind of song but nothing comes to mind from the traditional places you ordinarily look at... MyPart scans your catalog to find long forgotten songs that have the melodic, harmonic or lyrical DNA producing a prioritized list of potential songs you likely didn’t know you owned.

  • The Synch department receives a request and provided is a temp-track consisting of several song possibilities. They need a killer song that's not too recognizable for a new commercial. MyPart analyzes the characteristics of the temp track provided and sifts through your whole catalog and picks out songs producing a prioritized list of potential candidates.

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MyPart is a game changing AI platform 'leapfrogging' song search, allowing instant discovery of songwriting talent from around the globe and maximizing revenue for Music Publishers by pinpointing long forgotten gems in their massive catalogs. 

Our proprietary algorithms conduct deep and granular analysis of lyrical and musical relevance using advanced NLP and DSP feature extraction methods and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, predicting the likelihood of relevance of any song to benchmarks of reference music defined by music executives.

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