You have the soul of an artist ?
Join MyPart’s core team as

 Senior Full Stack Web Developer


Join us in creating an amazing song search and matching user journey for some of the most creative clients in the world. Help us get incredible music out of dusty drawers and into the hands of life changing opportunities.

  • A full stack software developer who's a really an artist inside

  • A team-player who’s fun and interesting to hang out with

  • Independent & purpose-driven, with end-to-end task completion mentality Technology, music enthusiast

  • CS or Computer Engineering degree or equivalent industry experience

Front End Skillset (Primary requirement)
  • 5+ years of frontend web development (AngularJS / Angular2-5 / JS, HTML5, CSS) Familiarity with a modern MVC framework

  • Vast experience in web design & architecture

  • Big plus: Experience with mobile apps (preferably non-native: Ionic or equivalent)

Backend Skillset (Secondary requirement)
  • 3+ years of Java Spring programming experience

  • Cloud-based infrastructures know-how (AWS, GCP)

  • Linux & Git experience

  • Big plus: Experience in deploying & scaling cloud systems

  • Big plus: Experience in designing and implementing REST APIs

Even Bigger Plus
  • Musical background or Music theory know-how (Harmony, Counterpoint)

  • Linux and open source enthusiasm

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MyPart is a game changing AI platform 'leapfrogging' song search, allowing instant discovery of songwriting talent from around the globe and maximizing revenue for Music Publishers by pinpointing long forgotten gems in their massive catalogs. 

Our proprietary algorithms conduct deep and granular analysis of lyrical and musical relevance using advanced NLP and DSP feature extraction methods and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, predicting the likelihood of relevance of any song to benchmarks of reference music defined by music executives.

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