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MyPart's SXSW Journey Spotlight | Songhunt Takes Center Stage

Updated: Mar 24

When I received the news that MyPart was selected as one of the 5 companies to present our song search and playlisting AI on the big stage of SXSW’s Pitch Awards, it seemed almost too good to be true.

After all, we had applied for this prestigious opportunity before to no avail… And in a year defined by a rapid surge in AI breakthroughs, with thousands of applicants, being chosen by SXSW in the AI category felt outright surreal. I hesitated to reply. Was this a mistake? An elaborate phishing attempt?

Well, two months later, as I reflect upon our whirlwind week in Austin – one of the utmost pinnacles of MyPart’s journey thus far – I’m pleased to say those initial doubts were unfounded.

Songhunt not only earned its place on the biggest stage at one of the most significant industry events worldwide, but it left a mark.

The Lead-Up

Once our selection was confirmed, we decided to officially launch on the SXSW stage (after soft launching in late September 2023). Furthermore, we accelerated the development of our most innovative feature yet: A free-text AI song search prompter.

The prompter, inspired by chatbots and large language models (LLMs), empowers users to conduct song searches using free-text, natural-language prompts that reflect their personal favorites, moods, feelings, and tastes. You can effortlessly articulate your musical desires by inputting open-ended prompts such as ‘I’m looking for inspiring pop anthems reminiscent of Roar by Katy Perry' or 'Angry breakup songs to get over my ex.’ Songhunt then delivers a tailored palette of song choices to explore, which you can further refine by genres, lyrical themes, instruments, and numerous other filters.

Integrating such a complex addition within such a tight timeframe was no small feat, but our team poured their heart and soul into the endeavor to ensure it was primed for its debut on the SXSW stage.

MyPart Takes SXSW

Upon touching down in Austin, we were immediately swept up in the electrifying SXSW atmosphere. The city pulsated with energy, and we felt privileged to be part of it all. Being featured amongst such innovative and promising startups across so many sectors was invigorating.

Taking the stage not once, but twice, in front of a packed house of tech enthusiasts, musicians, creative executives and potential investors was an amazing experience. Our presentation captivated the audience, taking them on a journey through Songhunt's transformative experience, illustrating how it redefines the music discovery.

The overwhelmingly positive reception and feedback was deeply gratifying and served as a validation of the tireless effort we’ve put in over the years.

Product Hunt

Building upon the momentum garnered at SXSW, we launched’s free-text prompter on Product Hunt, where it secured a top 5 spot.


I can’t be more excited about the profound potential impact of on the song search landscape. But more importantly, I am grateful to our brilliant team who got us to where we are today, building a company and platform that can shine on the world’s biggest stages.

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