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Matchmaking of exclusive songs

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who we are

Invite-only members who submit songs to premium catalogs. Access to these catalogs is granted to only certain high profile creative and commercial endeavors.

Music execs, TV/Film creatives, Ad producers, Brand representatives or Game Developers are always faced with hundreds of thousands of potential songs to choose from and very specific creative needs. But at the end of the day - they can only listen to a tiny fraction of what’s out there!

MyPart built an AI trained to boost Synch, Music Supervision and A&R creativity and effectiveness. It serves as an extension of their ears, saving 90% of the time spent listening to irrelevant songs.

What we do

A premium alternative to music libraries, leveraging next-gen proprietary technology.


MyPart is the middleman connecting ‘sellers’ and ‘buyers’ of songs, along with service providers (agents) who are expert users of Songmine’s matchmaking capabilities. 

Premium sellers within the  Premium Tier (‘Commercial Music’) are Labels, Publishers, Composer Agents, Indie Music Publisher and Synch Agents (±210) who pitch songs to supervisors/creative teams.

On the demand side we have Music Supervisors, TV & Film, Production Studios, Indie Productions, News / Broadcast / Reality shows, Movie Trailer Houses, Commercials/Ads/Brands and Games


MyPart aggregates high-end material ranging from major music catalogs to aspiring indies. The songs are available on Songmine, a revolutionary power-tool that finds hidden gems based on lyrical, musical and sonic reference song/s and keywords.

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