Tutorial and FAQ

Let's get you started!

  1. First - login to your account on SongSource.

  2. Choose a Song you've uploaded in "my pending uploads".

  3. Click on your chosen song, it will start playing. 

  4. Look for the Pencil icon        at the top right corner of the player.

  5. Click the pencil and SongCrunch will open in a new window. 

  1. First - login to your account on Songmine.

  2. Choose a Benchmark.

  3. Choose a song you want to crunch in your benchmark section, click it and information about the song will open up (song title, artist, lyrics etc).

  4. Look for the Pencil Icon       after the "Song lyrics" heading.

  5. Click on it and SongCrunch will open in a new window. 

In the new window, on SongCrunch, you can see the layout of your crunched lyrics, as well as some general information about the lyrics as a whole.

Click each of the buttons on the right to present an additional layer of literary devices such as rhyming schemes, syllable counting, alliteration analysis, register of language etc.

Click one of the Arrow icons in the middle of the screen to present information about the lyrical theme and mood (a.k.a lyrical semantics), and it's structure.


Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a Songwriter, how do I login to SongCrunch?

  1. Go to on your laptop/desktop (not mobile).
  2. Choose your uploaded song.
  3. Click on the red pen in the right corner
  4. SongCrunch will open in a new tab.
Using Songcrunch requires you to upload a song (so we actually have something to crunch) :)

What's an Alliteration? What are Assonance and Consonances?

Assonances and Consonances are repeated vowel or consonant sounds that appear in close proximity. Alliteration is one of them appearing at the beginning of consequtive words. Simply put, it's a sonic fabric that binds words together, supporting the song flow, creating a rhythmic feeling, and making it more melodic. Didn't quite get it yet? Check out this brief article written by our amazing advisor, Prof. Pat Pattison.

Do you have a mobile app?

SongSource and SongCrunch are only available on pads, laptops and desktops.

What is 'Overall Repetition'?

Repetition matters. Overall repetition gives you a score for all types of repetition used in your lyrics, including: word repetitions (i.e. "la la la"), sentence repetitions (i.e. refrains), letter repetitions ("oooooooooooooooooooh baby") and even section repetition (how many times does your chorus repeat?). The higher the score - the lower the repetition. One (1) is the maximal score and indicates a song without repetition of any kind.

What is "1k"?

An indication of your lyrical register, derived from how many words in your lyrics are among the top 1000 most common words in contemporary English.

What if I decide I don’t want MyPart to have my song anymore?

You have the right, at any time, to ask us to remove your song. Just send us an email to with the name of your song and we will remove it from the platform within a reasonable time.

What are Perfect Rhymes?

A perfect rhyme is a rhyme in which final vowels and following consonants match sound-wise, and are both stressed. For Example: rhyme - sublime, picky tricky. "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller"... FYI: Preceding consonants usually would not sound alike. This rhyme could be masculine or feminine (dictated by the location of the final stressed syllable).

What is Rhyme Commonness?

Contemporary songs have rhymes. Rhymes with less common and more common words.

How is my song protected?

Your submissions are private. Nobody other than the official creative team of a performing artist (and our team) has access to it. We also have a digital record of when you submitted and can present such a report as proof of your ownership.

What are Lyrical Semantics?

SongCrunch understands the theme and mood your lyrics entail. Ranked between 0 and 5 you can get a glimpse of the extent to which your lyrics revolve around specific subject matters and vibes such as a lonely mood, a nostalgic feeling, a romantic message, etc. The 20 most prominent ranks for your song lyrics are presented.

What is Song Structure?

The layout of your lyrical structure. Do your lyrics have a chorus? how many distinct sections are there? (i.e. verse-chorus? verse-bridge-chorus, etc.) The detailed structure of your specific song lyrics is generelized into one of 8 general structure categories that most resembles your lyrical structure. In the below case for example, there are two distinct sections: a chorus ("ch") and a verse that repeats twice ("R"). The generalized structure category is a verse (A) - Chorus - A - Chorus

What are Color Coded Rhyme Groups?

SongCrunch creates color coded rhyme groups, each color representes a group of words that rhyme with each other. For example, the words colored in orange; tissues-issues-fix you.

If you hover over a word, it will tell you the words it rhymes with and the type of rhyme, both relating to their nature (type) and position:

- Endline words that rhyme with other endline words
- Midline rhymes between two words that are not on the same line.

- Inline rhymes for when words in the same line rhyme with each other.

I'm a Manager at a record label, how do I login to SongCrunch?

1. Login to your account on Songmine. 2. Choose a Benchmark. 3. Click any song in your benchmark section and information about the song will open up (name, lyrics etc). 4. Look for the Pencil Icon (you can find it after the "Song lyrics").