Frequently Asked Questions


How can I submit my songs to a performing artist of my choice?

  1. Go to on your laptop/desktop (not mobile).
  2. Choose an artist. You can send your song or artwork to any performing artist that his picture is colorful.
  3. Log in and Upload a song you think is best for this artist. You will get to name your song and add a short description that best describes it. Please read our terms & conditions.
Sit back and let us do the rest for you. Don't forget - you can only upload a specific song once, to a specific performing artist, but you can definitely upload multiple songs to the same, or to other performing artists.

Who are the performing artists I can send my songs to?

All the performing artists whose picture is in color, they or their record label gave us official approval to collect content for.

Do you have a mobile app?

MyPart supports submissions only with laptop or desktop computer

What about the performing artists whose pictures are gray?

For those artists, MyPart doesn't have official approval to collect content for. But you can vote for them, and the performing artists who will get the maximum amount of votes will be the ones who we will try to onboard next.

What can I send to the performing artists on MyPart?

You can send a song demo, lyrics, a remix, a video, a photo etc... wherever your talent shines brightest!

Can I upload a song without choosing a specific performing artist, and let MyPart choose the artist?

We believe that you are in the best position to make the artistic decision and decide who should use your songs or artwork. This is why we think you should send it to a specific performing artist. But if we see that your song is fit to any other performing artist on MyPart, we will let you know and ask your permission to send it over.

Do you send any feedback on the submitted songs?

Yes we do, If your song got reviewed you will be notified. In any case, you will get a response on your submitted song within 3 months.

How many songs should I send?

As many as you would like, but we recommend to send only the songs you feel are the best fit for the performing artist for whom you aim to work with.

What can I expect after song admission?

Once you submitted a song, it is processed with MyPart's AI and sent to the relevant representative of the performing artist. If your song got reviewed, you would be notified. In any case, you will get a response on your submitted song within three months.

What should I write on the description section when I upload?

You have 77 characters to describe your song/artwork to the performing artist’s representatives. It is okay to leave it blank. Please avoid writing any personal details - we want the performing artist to focus on your art and not on who you are.

If I decide I don’t want MyPart to have my song or artwork on the website, what should I do?

That is easy, you have the right, at any time to ask us to remove your song or artwork, Just send us an email to with the name of your song or artwork and we will remove it from the platform within a reasonable time.

What do you mean that you will register me in the PRO?

MyPart provides admin and publishing services that are not registered with any PRO. If your material is successfully matched to a performing artist and they are interested in working with you, MyPart will help you register with a PRO that collects royalties such as ASCAP or BMI.

Do I have to own 100% of the song for the process to work?

You do not have to own 100% of the song for the process to work. As long as you are one of the copyright holders that is okay.

Once I submit my song how long does MyPart end up owning the song if it gets cut or released?

When unsolicited content is submitted to MyPart, we get to pitch it exclusively for a period of 3 months. We do not own it, we are merely representing you as a music publisher for a chance for success. If you already have a deal with music publisher, then once your song will be chosen by a performing artist or a label we will negotiate with you and your music publisher on the royalty split.

Some of my material is registered with BMI, SESAC or ASCAP. can MyPart still use it?

For songwriters that are not listed in any PRO (performance rights organization), MyPart offers to do this for them. If you are already a member of BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or any other PRO then we will make a co-publishing agreement for that specific song when you place a song with MyPart.

How do royalties work with MyPart?

You will receive an amount equal to seventy five percent (75%) of the net wholesale price or royalties actually for the sale or other licensed uses of your works of Art and songs, net of sales tax or value added tax (“Sales”).

Does anyone on behalf of the artists actually listen to the submitted songs?

Yes, they do! All content submitted on our platform (per A&R for each performing artist) is viewable in a highly tailored smartphone app accessible only by the A&R folks who will be looking through the submitted material.

Please explain how MyPart is not liable for any damages caused by circumstances out of your control?

According to our T&C, the users of MyPart are only liable for their own actions.

Can I continue to upload songs even if I have submitted one before?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend that you submit as many songs as you would like, as long as it isn’t the same song or a different version of the song that is similar to what was submitted before during the 3 month period of exclusivity.

Your website says “Pending Uploads”, what does this mean? When do they stop being “pending” and are actually uploaded?

Pending means they’re pending a review. Once reviewed, this visual will change.

Do you screen the material?

We do not screen, as we sort the material according to specific parameters defined by the performing artists we collect content for.

Can I make a change to a song I submitted that is still “Pending”?

Yes, you can just send us the name of the song and what you would like to update and we’ll get back to you to confirm this has been done. Please email us at:

How can I track my submitted work status?

When logged in, you can see your submitted content with general details about the amount of times viewed, etc. Every interesting update will be sent via email.

How is my material protected?

Your submissions are private. Nobody other than the official creative team of a performing artist (and our team), has access to it. We also have a digital record of when you submitted and a dedicated tech team; all with a background in cyber security and can present such a report as proof of your ownership.

Can I keep a song on my Soundcloud account that I uploaded to MyPart while it is in the submission process?

Yes. Please be mindful that it is in your interest to not make it ‘too public’ during the period in which we are attempting to ‘match it’ as it potentially will be considered as already ‘released’ which might dissuade artists from using it as they might view it as a cover version.

You state that if there is a misuse of a song by an artist, then you have the right to refuse to take legal action to right this wrong why is that?

If we believe your right was infringed, we will definitely help you with what is necessary to take legal action. We do have to retain the right to decide that no such infringement occurred, to make sure that people don’t abuse our platform to submit-and-sue and then cause a situation where performing artists and their teams refrain from using ANY unsolicited content for fear of being wrongfully sued.


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