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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to Submitting your song

Which artists can I pitch my songs to?

The colorful images on the SongSource grid represent artists for whom Mypart has been granted official permission (by the artists/their label) to collect songs. You may submit your songs to any of these enabled artists.

Do you have a mobile-app?

MyPart currently only supports submissions via laptop or desktop computer. SongSource is not yet mobile-compatible.

What about the artists whose pictures are greyed-out?

The greyed-out images indicate artists for whom MyPart does not yet have official approval to collect songs. However, you may submit an ”invitation” for these artists. Artists who receive a substantial amount of “invitations” will be the ones we next aim to bring aboard to MyPart.

What type of content can I submit to recording artists on MyPart?

You can pitch an original song demo, remix, song lyrics, or a video of you performing your song. The more developed a song, (lyrics + composition/production), the stronger a shot it has of being placed.

Can I upload a song without choosing a specific artist, and instead opt to let MyPart choose the artist?

We believe that you are in the best position to make the artistic decision regarding who should use your songs. This is why we believe you should pitch each song to a specific recording artist. However, if we see that your song is a good fit for any other artist on MyPart, we’ll let you know, and ask your permission to send the song over to them as well.

What does it mean to register me in the PRO?

MyPart provides admin and publishing services for songwriters who are not registered with any PRO. If your song is successfully matched to a performing artist and they are interested in working with you, MyPart will help you register with a PRO ( such as ASCAP or BMI) to collect your royalties.

Do I have to own 100% of my song?

Yes, you should own 100% of any song that you submit. If you co-wrote the song with another songwriter, you must obtain their permission to upload the song.

Can I keep my song on additional platforms (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) while it’s still in the process of being reviewed on Mypart?

Yes, however please be mindful that songs that are made public during the submission period could be considered “already released”/covers, which may dissuade the artist to whom you are pitching from using the song.

What kind of songs are you searching for?

We don’t believe in good and bad songs, we believe in the right song for the right artist at the right time. The matching process is subjective, and will depend on the artist’s current needs and requirements.

How should I choose which artist to pitch to?

We recommend listening to recently released albums/records by each of the artists for whom we collect songs, and try to tailor your writing to one of their styles/bodies of work. All artists and their teams have different references. Can you visualize the artist singing your song? If you can, consider pitching your song to them.

What is the benefit for artists/songwriters?

MyPart enables songwriters to pitch their song to artists signed with different record labels. If the artists and their teams are interested in your songs, we'll help you negotiate the best publishing deal for that song. You'll receive royalties and the door will be opened to work on other songs for additional artists. If you’re an artist, yourself, you’ll have the chance to be featured in a song, be signed by a label, etc.

Can I submit more than one song?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend that you submit as many songs as you’d like, as long as it isn’t the same song or a different version of the song that is similar to what was submitted before during the 3 month period of exclusivity.

How do royalties work with MyPart?

If, and only if MyPart places your song with an opportunity, MyPart will have an option to offer you a single song publishing agreement.

Registration & Song Submission

How do I send my songs to a recording artist?

​​​​​To pitch a song, just follow these simple steps (or check out this short tutorial video) 1. Go to SongSource on a laptop/desktop. 2. Choose an enabled artist (indicated by the colorful images). We work with several recording artists across various genres. 3. Submit an original song or remix they won’t forget! The song does not need to be mixed and mastered, but must be in mp3/wav format. 4. Login/Register and send your song (or a video of you performing your song) directly to the artist. You'll get to name your track, include a short description, (a one-liner that best describes your song) and add its lyrics. If the song is instrumental, please leave the lyrics field blank. 5. Sit back and let us do the rest for you!

Do you send any feedback on the submitted songs?

Yes we do, If your song got reviewed you will be notified. In any case, you will get a response on your submitted song within 3 months.

How many songs can I submit?

You may upload as many songs as you’d like, but we recommend only sending the songs you feel are the best fit for the performing artist with whom you aim to collaborate.

What should I include in the “Description” field when I upload a song?

Add a one-liner that best describes your song. You have up to 77 characters to best describe your song to the performing artist’s representatives. You may leave it blank if you’d like. Please avoid including any personal details - we want the artist to focus on your song, rather than who you are.

If my song is registered with BMI, SESAC or ASCAP, can I still upload it to MyPart?

If you are already a member of BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or any other PRO (Performance Rights Organizations), MyPart will reach a co-publishing agreement for your specific song when it is successfully placed with an artist. If you are not listed in any PRO, however, MyPart offers to provide this service for you .

Do you screen the submitted songs?

MyPart does not screen or listen to the submitted songs. Rather, we sort and prioritize the songs according to specific parameters defined by the performing artists and their respective teams.

What should I include in the “Lyrics” field when I upload a song?

Simply transcribe all of your song lyrics into the “lyrics” field of the submission form. Currently we only support lyrics written in English. Please do not include chord transcriptions or other musical notations. Leave empty lines as a means of separating between song sections (verses, choruses, etc.). Do not name the role of each section (i.e. refrain from writing [Chorus], [Verse #2]. [Bridge] etc. before sections).

What does “Pending Uploads” mean? At what point do they change from “pending” to actually uploaded?

“Pending” means the song is pending a review by an artist rep. Once the song is reviewed, the song’s status will change to “Uploaded.”

Post Song Submission

What can I expect after song submission?

Once a song is submitted, it is analyzed with MyPart's AI and sent to the representative of the relevant performing artist. While we can’t guarantee your song will be listened to or placed by the artist’s creative team, we can ensure the song will be analyzed by our AI, and subsequently be prioritized for the artist and his/her team based on specific parameters they have established. All content submitted on our platform is viewable in a highly tailored smartphone app accessible only by the A&Rs representing our participating artists. These representatives will be looking through all of the submitted material. All of the artists we work with are actively looking for content right now. You will be notified f/when your song is reviewed by the artist’s reps. In any case, you will get a response within three months of your submission.

What should I do if I decide I no longer want my song to be on the MyPart platform?

A: You have the right, at any time, to ask us to remove your song from our platform. Simply send us an email to with the name of your song and we will remove it from our platform within a reasonable time.

How long does MyPart own a submitted song?

When a song is submitted to MyPart, we have the right to pitch it exclusively for a period of 3 months. We do not own the song, we are merely representing/promoting your work. If you already have a deal in place with a music publisher, then once your song will be chosen by an artist or a label we will negotiate with you and your music publisher on the royalty split.

Does anyone on behalf of the artists actually listen to the submitted songs?

Yes, they do! All content submitted on our platform (per A&R for each performing artist) is viewable in a highly tailored smartphone app accessible only by the A&R folks who will be looking through the submitted material.

Can I continue to upload songs even if I have submitted one before?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend that you submit as many songs as you would like, as long as it isn’t the same song or a different version of the song that is similar to what was submitted before during the 3 month period of exclusivity.

Your website says “Pending Uploads”, what does this mean?

Pending means they’re pending a review. Once reviewed, this visual will change. Pending is not related to being uploaded to the site.

Can I make a change to a song I submitted that is still “Pending”?

Yes, you can just send us the name of the song and what you would like to update and we’ll get back to you to confirm this has been done. Please email us at:

How can I track my submitted work status?

Once you’re logged in, you can check the status of your submitted songs, including the amount of times they’ve been viewed, etc. All updates about representatives being interested in your song will be sent via email.

How is my song/material protected?

Your submissions are private. No one other than the official creative team of the artist to whom you’ve pitched (and the Mypart team), has access to your work. We also have a digital record of when you submitted your song and who has listened to it. MyPart also has a dedicated tech team with a background in cyber security that works to secure your songs.

What does MyPart get out of the deal?

If we create a successful match, MyPart will have the opportunity to sign a publishing deal with the songwriter. For a period of three months, you’re committing the song and the pitching to MyPart.