• 10+ years of experience as entrepreneur

  • Founded & lead various ventures

  • In-depth financial & legal know-how

  • Educated musician & trumpet player

  • Director and Fundraiser @ NGOs

Co-founder & COO

Howard Gray Backround.jpg
  • Former President of Nielsen
    Entertainment and Billboard

  • Global Entertainment and Media Leader

Advisory Board

  • Acclaimed performing artist

  • Label Manager

  • X-factor and TheVoice IL mentor

Product, BizDev

Ivri Lider

  • Intelligence Corps graduate

  • Computer Scientist with an A.I., NLP and
    neuroscience expertise

  • A musical producer and guitarist with an
    education from Rimon & Muzik schools

R&D Lead

Sivan Kollnescher

  • Highly experienced, award-winning UI expert

  • Graphic designer

  • Animator and all-in-all creative magician

Art Director

Yair Sarig

  • Experienced Data Manager

  • Skilled in Linguistics. MSc in Software Engineering
    and ML BSc from the University of Amsterdam

ML R&D, Data Scientist

Amir Cohen

  • Experienced entertainment attorney

  • Copyright protection expert

Senior Advisor

Adv. Eli Nahum

  • Decorated Intelligence Corps Major
    Technological "Creative Thinking Award” winner

  • Computer Engineering & MBA graduate

  • 15+ years of R&D experience

  • Award-winning songwriter and musician

Co-founder & CEO

  • Former President of Interscope Music and
    Geffen Music

  • Artists and writers signed by Ronny have had
    cumulative sales of +200 million records

President of MyPart Music

  • Grammy winning songwriter for Beyoncé,
    Rihanna, Britney Spears, MKTO etc.

  • Owner of the Boardwalk Entertainment Group

Head Coach, BizDev

  • Senior Analyst

  • Data and data visualization expert 

  • BSc in Mathematics and Physics from TAU

  • IASA educated Musician 

  • Active TAU Wind Band Sax player

ML R&D, Data Scientist

  • Acclaimed producer, songwriter & music Professor 

  • Specializing in harmonic and melodic analysis
    of contemporary music

  • Author of several textbooks on modern music

Senior Researcher

  • Experienced and passionate marketing mogul

  • Digital media expert, with multimedia and
    creative know-how

Director of Marketing

Aya headshot #2.jpg
  • Songwriter and educated musician

  • Rimon school singer-songwriter
    department graduate


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MyPart is a game changing AI platform 'leapfrogging' song search, allowing instant discovery of songwriting talent from around the globe and maximizing revenue for Music Publishers by pinpointing long forgotten gems in their massive catalogs. 

Our proprietary algorithms conduct deep and granular analysis of lyrical and musical relevance using advanced NLP and DSP feature extraction methods and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, predicting the likelihood of relevance of any song to benchmarks of reference music defined by music executives.

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