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MyPart's AI

MyPart trained an AI to deeply understand songs
in a way that facilitates advanced song search.

This unique technology, which analyzes music, lyrics, and sound, surpasses the capabilities of any existing search engine or streaming platform.

What makes Songhunt so special?

Our proprietary engine delivers unmatched song search and analysis using a wide technology stack that integrates machine learning, computational linguistics, natural language processing, and digital signal processing.


Writing Style Analysis.

Our AI is trained to comprehend insights about each song’s lyrical style, taking into consideration literary devices such as rhyming, sonic fabric, verbiage, and more.


Theme & Mood Analysis.

Our AI model uncovers the prominent themes and moods of each song, providing insights into what the song conveys to its audience.


Musical Analysis.

Our AI breaks down the song’s sonic and compositional attributes, including its primary harmonic, melodic, and productiona features.  

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