SongCrunch Tutorial 

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  1. First - login to your account on SongSource.

  2. Choose a Song you've uploaded in "my pending uploads".

  3. Click on your chosen song, it will start playing. 

  4. Look for the Pencil icon        at the top right corner of the player.

  5. Click the pencil and SongCrunch will open in a new window. 

  1. First - login to your account on Songmine.

  2. Choose a Benchmark.

  3. Choose a song you want to crunch in your benchmark section, click it and information about the song will open up (song title, artist, lyrics etc).

  4. Look for the Pencil Icon       after the "Song lyrics" heading.

  5. Click on it and SongCrunch will open in a new window. 

Songmine - Edit Benchmark - No Songs - P
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In the new window, on SongCrunch, you can see the layout of your crunched lyrics, as well as some general information about the lyrics as a whole.

Click each of the buttons on the right to present an additional layer of literary devices such as rhyming schemes, syllable counting, alliteration analysis, register of language etc.

Click one of the Arrow icons in the middle of the screen to present information about the lyrical theme and mood (a.k.a lyrical semantics), and it's structure.

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Have more questions?

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