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Songhunt beta

The Future of Song Search and Playlisting

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Imagine having a musical compass guiding you to songs that match your emotions and thoughts. Songhunt helps you uncover new gems based on a nostalgic favorite and seamlessly curate playlists for your afternoon at the beach or evening with friends.


Songhunt will change how you explore and discover music. Think of it as a personalized assistant on your musical journey; an AI-powered search engine for all things music.

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Until now, this technology was reserved exclusively for industry professionals. Music executives at record labels, publishing houses, and TV, film, and advertising agencies have been harnessing MyPart’s AI to find the perfect songs for their creative projects. Now, MyPart's Songhunt Beta puts this powerful AI tool in YOUR hands.

  1. Discover songs similar to the ones you love.

I want a song lyrically similar to “Toxic” by Kehlani…

Sometimes, we fall in love with a song, but it's hard to pinpoint why it resonates so deeply. That's where Songhunt steps in. Whether you’re drawn to the haunting allure of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy,” or the smooth soul of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On,” Songhunt discovers other songs that match your inputted track from lyrical, musical, and sonic perspectives.

2. Prompt by theme, mood, instruments, genre, decade, and more.

I’m looking for 1990s Electro-Pop songs that are Danceable,
featuring prevalent Electric Guitar,
and with lyrics about Success…

Ever wish you could dream up a song that perfectly matches what you’re feeling at that very moment? Whether you're craving an angry breakup anthem with powerful drums to get over the ex you thought was 'the one,' or a happy, relaxed acoustic tune about romance to accompany you on your big day, your direct search queries become expressions of your current musical mood.

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3. Build playlists based on your searches, export them to your favorite streaming platform, and share them with friends on social media.

You can compile your top recommendations into a bespoke playlist that can be exported to your favorite streaming platform (Spotify, Apple, or YouTube), creating a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable music discovery experience. 

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Build Your Playlists with AI

Make personalized playlists with a few simple steps 

(1) Go to


(2) Search by Artist or Song Title to Discover Similar Songs Lyrically and Musically

Type in your favorite song/artist,
such as “Justin Bieber- Love Yourself.” 

(3) Search with filters

Select your preferred release decade, genre, mood, theme, etc. from the list of lyrical and musical filters.

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(4) Explore Your List of Customized Recommendations

Tap the song images to listen to each recommendation.

(5) Refine Your Results with Filters

Get more specific by adding specific genres, instruments, etc.

(6) Tap the Plus Icon to add your favorite picks to your Playlist

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(7) Tap "Export Playlist" at the top right

(8) Tap Export and Choose Your Preferred Streaming Platform 

Once you’re done, click on the link to view your playlist or hit the share button to spead the word and share your playlists with your friends!


What sets Songhunt apart?

Songhunt isn't interested in telling you what others like or what people like you follow; It's focused on uncovering the songs that truly resonate with YOU personally at any given moment.

Traditional streaming platforms tend to rely primarily on social patterns and trends to make song suggestions, which confine you to a limited comfort zone and rarely lead you to new song discovery. 


Songhunt, on the other hand, makes song-oriented recommendations that are purely based on their musical, lyrical, and sonic characteristics. This results in far more accurate and far less expected recommendations. 


So what are you waiting for? Time to start songhunting!

Building your dream playlist has never been easier or more fun.

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