Discover The Secret Sauce

Get some science to
back your gut feelings up
and support 
creative decision making

Crunch any Song
To support your A&R,
and song-search needs

“Each song has its own secret that's different from   
  another song”
― Mark Knopfler

Songs are intricate creatures. Lyrical, musical and sonic subtleties often differentiate between mediocrity and greatness. However, there are so many aspects to consider and so little time to make a decision.

We created a game-changing song fingerprinting technique that abstracts the Lyrical, Compositional and Sonic DNA of a song in a way that enables searching for songs with common harmonic, melodic, lyrical and structural features to your reference songs.

“There’s no exquisite beauty… without some

  strangeness in the proportion” Edgar Allan Poe

Sometimes all you have is one song that gets it right.


SongCrunch supplies granular information about the aesthetics and semantics behind a single song, and highlights the most prominent aspects in it - so that you could finally realize what it is that you're actually looking for.

On the lyrical front - it uncovers what the song is about theme and mood wise, and also unveils deep aesthetic insights relating to the style in which its written, embodied in subtle literary devices such as rhyming, stressing, sonic fabric, verbiage, etc.

“When words fail, music speaks” ― Hans Christian Andersen

In order to create its musical fingerprint, MyPart extracts over 400 compositional and sonic attributes from each song.


SongCrunch unveils this deep and granular data upon which Songmine’s predictions are based, including a harmonic and melodic breakdown of what makes it tick.

“I consider music to be storytelling, melody and

  rhythm” ― Jack White

What creative features are the secret sauce which differentiates what you have in hand? Ones that make a set of songs characteristic or uncharacteristic to other songs written or performed by the same artist, within a distinct period of time or associated with an obscure genre?


SongCrunch to the rescue!


Set up a benchmark with a set of reference songs that characterize what you need and receive a detailed report highlighting its unique traits.