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AI-Powered Song Search for Industry Professionals 


Dig It. 

Songmine™ simplifies the song-search process for creative executives - whether for synch, A&R or any other purpose - by "mining" in-house or external music catalogs and libraries with AI.


Search for Songs Using Songs.

It's difficult to articulate what you’re looking for with words, and manual tagging methods can be over-simplified or subjective. Songmine™ empowers you to find songs for your creative projects by searching with one or more reference songs.  Think: I'm looking for a song lyrically similar to "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish.'


AI Song Matching.

Songmine™ uses machine learning to deeply understand the reference songs provided. It then prioritizes and ranks all the songs in the catalog or music library you're searching through by their likely relevancy to the defined benchmark, ensuring that you only hear the songs that are truly worth your while. 


Lyrical and Musical Tags.

Don't have a specific reference song in mind? With Songmine, you can run song searches using comprehensive lyrical and musical ‘tags' that best define your brief. Think: ‘Find 120bpm, electro-pop songs, in a major key, with multiple vocal hooks and lyrics about breakup but not in a nostalgic way...'

Discover the Perfect Song for Your Creative Project with AI.


“MyPart has taken a giant leap into automatic song comprehension. The team has developed a unique machine-learning powered ability to extract deep aesthetic and semantic insights from song lyrics and compositions, and productized it into the most valuable song search product available today.”


Tristan Jehan

Former Director of Research @ Spotify
MIT PhD and the Founder/CTO of The Echo Nest 

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