“I’ll know the right song when I hear it”.

But will you actually get around to hearing it?


Dig It. 

Songmine™ simplifies the song-search process for music and creative executives, whether for synch, A&R or any other purpose, by "mining" their music libraries and catalogs. 


Forget tagging, search for songs using songs.

It's difficult to articulate what you’re searching for with words, and tagging methods are over-simplified and subjective. Songmine™ lets you find songs using one or more reference songs.


Manage your catalogue
or music library.

All you have to do is establish what we call a “benchmark”: One or more reference songs that best define your need or brief.

Songmine™ uses machine learning to deeply understand the reference songs provided. It then prioritizes and ranks all the songs in the catalog or music library you're searching through by their likely relevancy to the defined benchmark, ensuring that you only hear the songs that are truly worth your while. 

Let's dig out your hidden gems.