SongSource uses AI technology to give emerging songwriters a genuine shot at having their songs placed with top-tier artists and opportunities in the creative industries.


Dream Big.

We’re collaborating with major labels and publishers to collect songs from songwriters around the globe for placement with some of their top artists.


The Process.

Our AI sorts through all of the songs submitted on our platform, analyzing factors like harmony, melody, sonics, lyrics and structure. It then prioritizes the songs according to relevance, based on benchmark/reference songs established by each recording artist and his/her creative team.


Creating song matches.

Industry decision-makers and artists looking for new songs are then able to explore and listen to their sorted queue of matches, and ultimately select the song they’d like to use for their next creative project. 


"MyPart is a service that is truly timeless... but not in the sense you may expect. I submitted an upbeat funk song of mine to the MyPart curators over three years ago and their AI music detection technology picked up on it this past month as they were looking for a song with a feel that my song carried. My Part got in touch with me this past month and has been so incredible to me as to give me some feedback on my song, help me rework it a bit, and pitch it for me. Since then a game changing door has been opened in my career through an industry veteran that they were connected with... over three years later. I've been able to hop on a few Zoom calls with the MyPart team and have gotten to communicate with them on an extremely personal level - much more so than industry folks that I've known for years. My faith in "the process" has really been restored through my experience with MyPart and I know this is only the beginning. There is only upside to submitting your music with them and getting in touch. An opportunity may come about years down the line. These are some real people behind the screens that aren't concerned with superficial metrics - just the music. I'm thrilled to be working with My Part and excited to watch these seeds grow!"

Cael Dadian

Singer Songwriter

Your Rights.

MyPart does not claim any ownership over the submitted songs on our platform. Rather, we serve as a conduit for you to reach the artists you’ve always dreamed of working with. Please visit our FAQ's and terms & conditions for further information.