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We offer independent artists, songwriters, producers,

and masters/publishing catalog owners the possibility to upload their music to MyPart, and then get matched with record labels, sync for TV/Film and advertising, and more.

Get started as a:


Dream Big.

We’re collaborating with major labels and publishers to collect songs from songwriters around the globe for placement with some of their top artists.


The Process.

Our AI sorts through all of the songs submitted on our platform, analyzing factors like harmony, melody, sonics, lyrics and structure. It then prioritizes the songs according to relevance, based on benchmark/reference songs established by each recording artist and his/her creative team.


Creating song matches.

Industry decision-makers and artists looking for new songs are then able to explore and listen to their sorted queue of matches, and ultimately select the song they’d like to use for their next creative project. 

Publishing Partner.

MyPart has an agreement with Seeker Music to offer publishing deals to songwriters who have submitted songs on the SongSource platform.

Seeker Music Group is a global, independent music company founded by MyPart partner and Grammy-winning songwriter, Evan Bogart (“Halo” Beyonce, “S.O.S” Rihanna). with a dynamic roster of world-class songwriters, producers and recording artists.


“What an awesome way to experience executives to unsigned new music!”

Leslie Ellis

Grammy® award winning vocalist

Your Rights.

MyPart does not claim any ownership over the submitted songs on our platform. Rather, we serve as a conduit for you to reach the artists you’ve always dreamed of working with. Please visit our FAQ's and terms & conditions for further information. 

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