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Song Submission


The Challenge for Songwriters

Getting your song heard is tough. Getting your song heard by the right people is even tougher.

While technology has helped eliminate many of the conventional barriers to producing and distributing music, it has also created an over-saturated marketplace. With tens of thousands of tracks released on various streaming platforms every day, the vast majority of songs go untapped, and the vast majority of songwriters go undiscovered. 

There’s simply too much content out there, and up-and-coming artists and songwriters are left wondering, how do I stand out above the crowd?

MyPart’s Solution

MyPart’s SongSource platform allows emerging songwriters to pitch their songs to their favorite artists, while utilizing a unique vetting system to ensure that only the right songs get heard by the right people. 


It prioritizes the songs according to relevance, based upon criteria established by each recording artist and his/her creative team.
Industry decision-makers and musicians actively looking for new songs are then able to explore and listen to their queue of bespoke matches, and ultimately select the song they’d like to use for their next creative project. This is where our searching for songs with other songs science shines.

Our sophisticated AI technology collects and sorts through all of the songs submitted on our platform, analyzing factors like harmony, melody, sonics, lyrics and structure. 

Watch as Evan Bogart, the Grammy-award winning songwriter behind Beyonce’s “Halo” and Rihanna’s “SOS”, explains more about MyPart!

Ready to give your songs a real shot at getting placed with some of the industry’s major labels?

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